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Lime tree honey
Origin: Nature park Barnim

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Green Honey's lime tree honey

An aroma honey specialty with a special strong, spicy flavor,
collected in a traditional manual work from the ancient lime trees.

Lime tree honey - the apiary and the harvest: Am Brunnen vor dem Tore, da steht ein Lindenbaum. Ich träumt in seinem Schatten so manchen süßen Traum." Lime tree honey, who doesn't know it? Lime tree honey harvested from the ancient magnificent trees. Every summer the old lime tree alleys are in blossom and provide nectar for this characteristic, strong summer honey.

Lime tree honey gets harvested in great lime tree charges mainly from the summer and the winter lime trees (Tilia platyphyllos or rather cordata). Lime trees are in Germany not dominant among the tree stock, but they are traditionally planted in large alleys and as park trees. Regarding the production of the nectar, the lime tree is quite moody, and it offers to the bees only a laid table by a convenient temperature and humidity. In general, the old traditional village lime trees are the best and the most responsible nectar donors.

Our beekeepers pass their knowledge about the best stock of lime trees from generation to generation. The flower honey of the lime tree is often mixed with the lime tree leaves honey and we get a very nice and strong summer honey. The harvest of the traditional lime tree honey takes place in the hot summer months and in the most regions of Germany it is the last harvest of the year. The lime tree provides a good base for a successful development for the young beehives; hence a good harvest of the lime tree honey gives us a good hope for the next good honey year.

Sensory and consistency: The lime tree honey is in a fluid state clear and crystallized white, light yellow till greenish. It has a strong lime aroma and a light peppermint taste. At some harvests the aroma is very intense and can overwhelm the nuances of the accompanied yield. The lime trees provide beside the nectar of the flower's huge amounts of the lime dew, which gives the honey the dark color.

The lime tree honey is a very fragile honey with a rich aroma, it crystallizes fast, well appreciated by honey lovers and gourmets. The lime tree honey is preferred for the breakfast and it reaches his full-mouth aroma with dark pastries. For the tea the lime tree honey provides a typical lime aroma, which can be very pleasant especially during the long winter period. Also, in the mulled wine you can not give up on this honey.

Typical analytic values: The lime tree honey belongs regarding to our experience to the honeys with less pollen. The sugar spectrum is quite balanced, and it contains mainly with a greater amount of honey dew huge amounts of larch sugar. The amount of maltose lies around 4%. Lime tree nectar is part of many summer honeys and it can dominate mild honeys with its strong aroma. Here the pollen spectrum gives you an information